Data Recovery

Data Recovery

Today’s businesses face ever growing challenges to back up, protect and recover data. With the explosive rate of data growth driven by business needs and government regulations, threats such as hacking, viruses or spy ware, or simply hardware failure are high.
Files can be damaged, corrupt or missing key information that prevents the operating system from seeing them. Supergeek can work with your corrupt files so we can retrieve information that is important to you. Our experts can also recover deleted or missing files

Data Backup Services

We offer you a popular and more secure alternative to the traditional manual backup methods which frees up the time required to manage that system of discs or tapes that remain vulnerable to human error, loss or damage. Now you can secure your data off site, encrypted and completely automatically with no hardware or media purchases required.

We will set up your workstations or server to compress, encrypt and transfer your files securely to our data servers in Vancouver. Your data will be secured using 448 bit encryption (exceeding military spec 256 bit encryption) and will remain available for restoration 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your backups and restorations are easily managed by yourselves, which excludes everyone else including us, from having any access to your data. Tech support is available at no additional charge if required.

  • Areas served: Supergeek can assist you at our office, located in Richmond, or we can serve you at your location. We assist clients with data recovery services in the entire Greater Vancouver, including, Surrey, Langley, Burnaby, North Vancouver and more. Contact us and learn more.

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