Medical Speech Recognition Software in Vancouver

With all that you’re responsible for as a medical professional, shouldn’t you have the best tools to do the job?

  • Upgrade from as far back as Dragon Medical Enterprise 10.X
  • Get over 20 features not found in the Mac version
  • Pair Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 with the Nuance PowerMic II for a smoother and more effective EHR experience
  • Reduce keyboard fatigue and save big money on transcription
  • Increase your insurance reimbursements by thousands of dollars, per physician per year
  • The option to use your smartphone as a microphone
  • Increased word-recognition accuracy over previous versions
  • The ability to speak your patient narrative into almost any EHR
  • A speech-recognition tool compatible with Windows 7 and 8
  • Access to time-saving templates and macros
  • Expanded mobility, allowing you to switch between workstations

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