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Virus Protection

Recently, we have received many calls regarding Viruses. Viruses are a threat to all computers whether you have a Server, Workstation or home PC. With over 100,000 known viruses it is likely that without proper virus protection your computer will at some point become infected. The problem with a virus is that without proper protection there is no way to know whether or not you are infected. In fact most computer viruses are non-threatening and will go undetected for months.

Protect yourself. Using virus protection software is more than a worthwhile investment. It can not only protect you from invasion of privacy but also from complete loss of data. For a minimal fee you can keep your computer virus free and avoid unnecessarily spending thousands of dollars to repair a system destroyed by one virus. Remember to always update your virus software. Every month over 2,000 new viruses are born, and without new updates to your software your system can be susceptible to infection.

Free Virus Protection

Supergeek recommends using AVG Antivirus. AVG is a fully functional, FREE, virus protection suite available for download at

Virus Removal

If you find yourself stuck with a virus you can’t get rid of, or you suspect you have a virus you can’t detect, or you really couldn’t care less what a virus is but want your computer checked or fixed, it’s time to get the geeks on your side. Supergeek has fully qualified technicians trained in the most efficient and effective ways to rid your computer of any and all viruses.

  • Areas served: Supergeek can assist you at our office, located in Richmond, or we can serve you at your location. We assist clients with computer virus removal services in the entire Greater Vancouver, including, Surrey, Langley, Burnaby, North Vancouver and more. Contact us and learn more.

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